Axson Svenska AB is the holding company of a family-owned group of companies 

founded in 1946. The group markets equipment, consumables and accessories for welding, 

soldering, cutting, material testing and measurement. 

Axson group consists of Axson Teknik AB, AB Svetsteknik, Meltolit AB, and 

AB Kontrollmetod and had a turnover of 18 million Euro in 2016. 

Currently the group employs 50 persons. 



AB Svetsteknik is the groups oldest company. Founded in 1946 by engineer and designer Enar Axelsson who

started production of welding electrodes, welding transformers, petrol and diesel generators and gas cutting machines etc.

1967, Svetsteknik became ESAB’s first authorized dealer. ESAB is still one of Svetsteknik´s  largest suppliers.

Today the business concept is to be the complete welding

house and to offer a complete range of welding machines, welding consumables and welding accessories ranging from hand to robotic welding.



AB Kontrollmetod started in 1970 marketing equipment for non-destructive material testing and measurement equipment for the manufacturing and process industry, as well as concrete and asphalt lab equipment.

Kontrollmetod represent several leading suppliers and  the program includes among other equipment for industrial x-ray, ultrasonic, eddy-current testing, materials analyses etc, and are providing calibration and maintenance service.



Axson Teknik AB started in 1984 as agent for Harris Calorific USA well known manufacturer for gas cutting equipment.

In 1996, Axson Teknik became the Swedish agent for Fronius GmbH, Austria - one of the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of welding equipment with over 3400 employees and a turnover of 500 million Euro.

The business concept is to provide qualified welding and cutting equipment for manual and orbital welding, education, process optimization and equipment for robot welding



Meltolit was founded in 1963. In the beginning only marketing of precious metals was done. Gradually expanding the product range with brazing, such as silver and bronze solders. Today also including a wide range of consumables for production, repair and maintenance welding.

The company’s strength is flexibility, knowledge and to be able to offer the right product at the right time.